• Wexford -  Gated with a Guard House.  Luxury at its best.  Price range is $900's to $3,000,000.  Next to Granite Bay Golf Club on the west side.  Probably the most popular of all the Granite Bay luxury developments for many reasons.  It possesses easy access to the Golf Club; its entrance is on beautiful East Roseville Parkway, and its close proximity to the elementary, middle and high school.
  • Los Lagos -  Gated with a Guard House.  Very high end luxury homes.  Price range is $900,000s to $12,000,000.  Los Lagos has a Granite Bay address/zip code, but is located outside the Granite Bay community boundary, and is in the Loomis School District.  However, the schools in Loomis are also incredible.  Los Lagos is a must see for the client looking for a premier property.  Homes are priced up to $12,000,000 (Eddie Murphy's former home).  Several Sacramento Kings' players have purchased homes in this development.
  • Wedgewood - Gated.  Very high end custom homes.  Price range is $800,000s to $2,000,000.  Next to Granite Bay Golf Club on the east side.  Absolutely beautiful custom homes.  The Greystone development is next to Wedgewood and is very similar in nature and style.
  • Granite Bay Hills - Gated.  Very high end, luxury custom homes.  Prices begin in the $900,000s to $2 million plus.  This is also a very popular luxury home development.  It possesses a more woodsy/outside-the-city feeling than Wexford.  
  • The Residences at Granite Bay Golf Club-  Gated.  Luxury homes on smaller lots.  The Residences has an incredible clubhouse and the development has a tunnel under East Roseville Parkway to the Granite Bay Golf Club.  An absolute must see for the avid golfer.
  • Folsom Lake Estates -  Not gated.  One of GB's original master developments.  Price range can vary from $700,000s to 1.6 Million.  Many homes have been updated or remodeled.  This development is across from Beal's Point  at Folsom Lake.
  • Princeton Reach -  Gated.   A gorgeous custom home development along Barton Road.  These homes were built in the early 90's and prices begin at $1 million.  These residences are very private with ample room between properties.
  • Shelborne -  Not gated.  Granite Bay's original luxury neighborhood.  Some of the homes were built in the early 80's and many have been remodeled.  Prices begin in the $800,000's and go well beyond $1.8 million.  A neighborhood like no other.  Take a drive and enjoy the beauty of these luxury homes, and the incredible landscaping.  
  • Hidden Valley, Lakeview Hills and Walden Woods - Not gated.   Hidden Valley is a unique community that includes 180 acres of common area with five lakes, a clubhouse, hiking and horse riding trails.  This is a very rare neighborhood that feels like its removed from the urban world, but is only 10 minutes away from all the shopping you'll need.  This development made Sacramento Magazines' Best Trails list due to its unique walking and horse trails.  A Hidden Valley home is a horse property home.  Prices begin in the $500.000's.  Lakeview Hills and Walden Woods are adjacent and very similar type properties.
  • Hidden Lakes Estates- Not gated. An incredible development with a private man-made lake at the entrance.  This development is next to the Granite Bay Folsom Lake State Park.  Families can easily walk to Folsom Lake year round.  The rear parcels off Haley Drive possess some of the most beautiful lots in all of Granite Bay.​  You must drive through Haley Drive.  The landscaping is incredible.
  • Lakeland, Lakewood and Lakeridge - Not gated.  These three developments are at the eastern edge of Granite Bay and are within walking distance of the Folsom Lake Granite Bay main entrance.  These are older neighborhoods; each unique in its own way.  Rarely do you see two homes alike.  Built in the 50's, 60's, 70's and 80's; many homes have been remodeled with incredible additions.  Lakeridge is the only place in the community boundary of Granite Bay where you'll see true "view lots" of Folsom Lake.  Prices in these three neighborhoods begin in the $400,000's.  Some of the remodeled view lots overseeing Folsom Lake will easily surpass $1 million.
  • Douglas Ranch -  Not gated. A master planned development with contemporary luxury homes.  Enter off Douglas Blvd.  Prices begin around $900,000.  A brand new development by the New Home Company borders the north side of Douglas Ranch.  
  • Grosvenor Downs -  Not gated.  Custom homes built in the 1990's.  Prices are between $700,000 and $950,000.  This neighborhood offers home buyers the opportunity to live in a beautiful custom home in a gorgeous neighborhood without spending $1 million.
  • Quail Oaks -  Not gated.  Custom luxury homes.  Very similar feel to Grosvenor Downs.  Another great option to buy a luxury home in a beautiful neighborhood with mature oaks and redwoods.  Take a walk through this lovely development of custom homes.
  • Greyhawk - Not gated. Semi-custom, contemporary homes.  This development possesses a more modern feel, but it was built around mature landscaping.  Like Quail Oaks, this development offers the best location for a quick trip into East Roseville or a walk to Starbucks.  An extension of this development is planned in the near future.
  • Winterhawk -  Gated.  A custom home development with a "country feel" setting.  Prices begin in the $900,000s.  
  • Hillsborough and Ashley Woods -  Gated.  These two extraordinary developments offer incredible value and are extremely popular with home buyers. Both of these developments are within the Granite Bay zip code and have a Granite Bay address.  However, the developments are actually within the City of Roseville, and therefore, have Roseville Utilities which save homeowner's money.  Both developments are within the Granite Bay school boundary known as the Eureka School District/Roseville Joint High School District (Granite Bay High).
  • Eastridge - Not Gated.  In the same area as Hillsborough and Ashley Woods, but without the gates.  However, it also offers the cost savings of Roseville Utilities.  Prices begin in the $500,000s.
  • Treelake Village -  Not gated.  Perhaps the most popular family orientated neighborhood in Granite Bay.  Prices begin in the $500,000's and top out at about $900,000.  Several homes border man-made lakes.  Several entrances to "Treelake" along E. Roseville Parkway are marked by the development name including:  Treelake Village, Estates at Treelake, Windemere, Kentfield, Scarsborough, The Woods and Weddington ; however, the area is simply known as "Treelake."  Some sections in Treelake are more popular due to site elevations and the particular builder.
  • Silverwood -  Gated.  Very nice luxury homes bordering Granite Bay High School.  There are three separate Silverwood neighborhoods. Home prices begin in the $800,000's and run well over $1 million.
  • "Seeno" for Seeno Avenue.  Also known as Greenwood or Rollingwood.  This is Granite Bay's most affordable neighborhood.  This is a great location for a first time home buyer who is looking to get into the best schools in the area or just prefer community over home size.  Prices begin in the high $200,000's for a fixer upper or in the $300,000's for a move-in ready home.  Some of these homes are being remodeled and values are increasing.

Beautiful residential developments AND NEIGHBORHOODS in granite bay

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